Br. Bernard Mongeau, MSC – Delegate for Brothers

Bernard Mongeau, MSC

Province: Dominican Republic (Quebec Community)
Country: Canada
Date of Birth: month date, year
First Vows: month date, year
Ordination: month date, year
Speaks: English, French
Understands: English, French

I introduce myself. I am a member of the local community of Quebec in Canada belonging to the Province of the Dominican Republic since November 2022. I am an MSC brother since 1980. Before being an MSC, I worked in the administration of a large commercial company for nearly three years. In the novitiate, in 1979, the master of novices did not know what to offer me as a job. After speaking with the provincial treasurer, he invited me to work with him. That’s how it all started. After my novitiate, I took university courses in administration and accounting. From 1993 to 2000, I worked in a popular education organization in Quebec. I worked as local treasurer and assistant provincial treasurer from 1980 to 2008 at the service of the MSC mission. I was provincial treasurer of Canada from 2008 to November 2022. Since the canonical fusion of our Province with that of the Dominican Republic, I am the treasurer and secretary of local community and the civil corporation. Since 2008, I am a member and administrator of an association of treasurers of religious institutes in the province of Quebec called ATTIR. This association offers monthly training days in administration, civil law and canon law, psychology and restructuring. I have never been on a mission outside my country. However, I visited on several occasions a poverty reduction and popular education project that we had supported in Nicaragua. I was involved in the file of the canonical fusion of our Province and the possession of our Mexican mission in the Province of Central America. I am also part of the General Finance Commission of the Congregation.

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