P. Chris Chaplin msc – Assistant General

Chris Chaplin, MSC

Province: Australia
Country: Australia
Date of Birth: April 24, 1961
First Vows: January 14, 1984
Ordination: August 20, 1988
Speaks: English
Understands: English

After 6 years of parish ministry in Darwin, Australia, Chris worked in spiritual accompaniment and giving retreats in five Australian MSC colleges. He was a formator in the Pacific Union for 6 years, including two as Novice Director. He was two years as Principal of Chevalier Farm Training Centre in Fiji. Upon returning to Australia, he had 3 years as director of St. Mary’s Towers Retreat Centre, Douglas Park.  He had two terms of being on the Australian Provincial Council. He worked extensively in Asia and the Pacific giving retreats and facilitating process-oriented spirituality and formation programs, conferences, and Chapters. He lived for 12 years the eremitical life as an MSC, in Northern New South Wales and Victoria. In 2017 he was elected to the General Leadership Team, on which he is liaison for Ongoing Formation, SEDOS, and for the Asia-Australia region.

Chris completed his studies in theology in 1996 at Yarra Theological Union, Melbourne.
In 1994 he obtained his Certificate in Spiritual Direction, from the Heart of Life Spirituality Centre, Melbourne. He is a member of the Conference of Spiritual Directors Australia – CSD Australia.
He is a qualified Psychotherapist, in practice since 1999, having trained 6 years in Transpersonal and Experiential Psychology. He is a pioneer member of the Association of Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapy.  

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