Ms. Doris Machado LCF – Lay Chevalier Family, International Council Deputy

Doris & Ranulfo Machado, LCF

Country: Brazil
Speaks: Portuguese
Understands: Portuguese

I have been a lay member of the Chevalier Family since 2003 and I have participated in two International Assemblies as a representative of Brazil: in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and in São Paulo, Brazil.

As a lay member of the Chevalier Family, I was National Coordinator of the Laity of the Chevalier Family for 10 years and participated in several missions in Brazil. In 2012 in Ecuador and in 2019, together with my husband, Ranulfo, who is also a Lay member of the Chevalier Family, I lived 11 months in the MSC mission in Mozambique.

I am married and mother of Tiago and Felipe and I have always worked professionally in the area of Education. Currently I am the Director of a Public School in the interior of Brazil.

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