P. Fernando Clemente Santos, MSC – Chapter General Secretary

Fernando Clemente, MSC

Province: São Paulo
Country: Brazil
Date of Birth: March 28, 1988
First Vows: December 8, 2010
Ordination: September 19, 2015
Speaks: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian
Understands: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French

I am Brazilian and, soon after my ordination to the diaconate, I was sent to collaborate in the “Buen Pastor” parish in Quito. I stayed there for almost two years. After that, I was assigned as pastor of the Parish of the Sacred Heart in Suffrage of Souls in Sao Paulo (Brazil), being at the same time archivist and provincial secretary (Sao Paulo Province). In these functions I remained for six years.
At the General Chapter of 2017 I was in charge of Liturgy.
At the beginning of 2023 I moved to Rome to prepare myself to assume the functions of Procurator General and Postulator General.
I am a graduate in Christology (Specialization) and Canon Law.

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