P. (Bern) Joseph Bernardus Tethool, MSC – Regional Superior Japan

Bern Tethool, MSC

Province of Origin: Indonesia
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Date of Birth: January 15, 1964
First Vows: July 15, 1985
Ordination: January 5, 1992
Speaks: Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, English
Understands: Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, English

My name is Joseph Bernardus Tethool, MSC. Call me, Bern.
I am a member of the MSC Indonesian Province now working in the Japan Region of the MSC Australian Province. I was born in Merauke City, of the Province of Papua in Indonesia.
My first Vows as an MSC was at Kanganyar, Center of Java in Indonesia, on 15 July 1985, and I was ordinated at Cathedral of Merauke of Papua Province, in Indonesia, on 5 January 1992.
Some months after my ordination, on 25 August 1992, I arrived in Nagoya of Japan to begin my missionary activities. I spent my first two years studying Japanese Language and Culture. Since than most my time in Japan, working as an Assistant or as a Parish Priest in the MSC Parishes of the Nagoya Diocese. I was appointed as the Regional Superior of MSC Japan Region and have been in office since 1 April 2022. My term ends March 2025. I am doing my best to help the confreres in the Region to work together in continuing the MSC mission.

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