P. Dr. Norbert Rutschmann, MSC – Substitute South Germany – Austria

Norbert Rutschmann, MSC

Province: South Germany – Austria
Country: Germany
Date of Birth: March 23, 1954
First Vows: August 31, 2014
Ordination: December 8, 2017
Speaks: German, English, Portuguese
Understands: German, English, Portuguese


My steps to become an MSC took some time. After finishing my medical studies, I worked for 5 years in hospital and as a general practitioner until my second vocation call (the first 10 years ago I could only realize looking back later to that experience) changed my life and I went to study philosophy and theology for a German diocese. After some struggles with the seminary director this way was stopped by him, and I had to go back to my former profession. Four years in a psychiatry ward, a formation as a psychotherapist (depth psychology) and 18 years in my own practice as a psychotherapist for adults, adolescence and children followed until I came to a “now or never” point. Through reading an article about MSC youth prison pastoral in Fiji I got to know to the MSC and their charism and felt at home for the first time of my vocation. Never changed since then.


2014 – 2019 Innsbruck: vocation ministry, assistance initial formation, spiritual direction, retreats

2019 – today Munich:    STEPS (website: steps-msc.com)

                                           Vocation ministry

                                           Spiritual-biographic direction/intensive courses/ retreats

                                           Workshops/lectures about developmental psychology

                                           Special: work on the negative unconscious images of God

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