P. Rikardo Kristisimus Senduk MSC – Delegate Curitiba Province – Section of Ecuador

Rikardo Senduk, MSC

Province: Curitiba
Country: Indonesia (currently in Ecuador)
Date of Birth: January 10, 1987
First Vows: July 25, 2007
Perpetual vows: October 18th, 2014
Diaconate: June 20th, 2015
Ordination: January 28, 2017
Speaks: Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, English
Understands: Portuguese

I grew up in a small village called Woloan, North Celebes province of Indonesia. The catholic church there has been dedicated to Our Lady of The Sacred Heart since the arrival of the MSC from Holland in 1920. Since then, the MSC have contributed to the growth of the faith (minor seminary), education (teachers’ formation school), house manufacture (wood workshop of MSC brothers), and so on.
I grew up in the ambience of MSC spirituality and charism. Every morning I recited memorare prayer without knowing its origin. I learnt to read and write in a school named St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. I sang ametur with pride at catechism. What providence!
When I entered St. Francis Xavier Minor Seminary, I realized that I already knew the MSC prayers and even the symbol of the heart. The more I studied, the more I knew that the mission is challenging and needs more missionaries. No doubt, those coincidences enlightened my path to be an MSC missionary.
Now I am in Ecuador working with the indigenous people of Tiquizambi in Tixan, of Puruha in Palmira, and mestizo (half blood, Spanish and locals). It is a huge blessing to serve the people here within their own culture, cosmovision, and belief system. It is a challenge to be among communities with a constant migration. It is an opportunity to heal the hearts of those who (still) feel the wounds of previous colonization, when the church arrived with the conquistadors. At last, as an MSC, I am invited to live with and witness to them that God´s Love on earth is real.

2007 – 2015: Philosophy degree at STF Seminary of Pineleng (2007-2012) and Theology (2013-2015).

2012-2013 – Pastoral year at Queen of the Holy Rosary Parish, Manado.
2015 – Diaconal year at The Assumption of Mary Parish, Makassar (Indonesia).
2015-2016 – Diaconal year at St. Francis of Asis Parish, Tixan, diocese of Riobamba (Ecuador).
2017-2021 – Parish vicar at St. Francis of Asis Parish, Tixan, diocese of Riobamba.
2022 – now – Parish Priest at. St. John Evangelist Parish, Palmira and St. Francis of Asis, Tixan. Both are parishes of diocese of Riobamba.
2022 – now – Superior of MSC Section of Ecuador.

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