P. Ton Zwart, MSC – Delegate Netherlands

Ton Zwart, MSC

Province: Netherlands
Country: The Netherlands
Date of Birth: July 4, 1942
First Vows: September 21, 1961
Ordination: September 9, 1967
Speaks: Dutch, English
Understands: Dutch, English

Born in Haarlem, Netherlands. Missionary to the Philippines: 1968-1991. Provincial superior of the Dutch Province: 1993-2005. Member of the Financial Advisory Board (FAB) of which he was chairperson during the last seven years: 1993-2012. Member of the Cordate Community (England): 2005-2013. Semi-retired: 2013-present. Still a member of the Constitutional Commission preparing for the General Chapter, and member of the General Financial Commission erected in 2022.

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