In support of our Ecological Mission the General Chapter will promote a paperless process – in as much as that is possible. 

Bring a Laptop

To facilitate this, Delegates are asked to bring their laptops or tablet devices for use during the days of the Chapter. Whatever device you bring it will need to be large enough to work on for the three weeks of the Chapter.  Mobile devices such as cellphones are not adequate for daily Chapter use. Wi-Fi will be available in the venue to enable access to this website.

Chapter Website

This website has two sections. The public face provides news and photo updates on the progress of the Chapter so that members across the globe can share in the life and proceedings of the Chapter. Check in each day in order to see what’s going on at our 26th General Chapter.
Delegates will be able to access the closed section using their login name or email and a password that will be sent to them (unless you have created your own personal password). Working documents for study, daily minutes for amendment, and all other Chapter related material will be accessible to delegates only through this portal.

WhatsApp group

This closed group is set up initially for the General Leadership Team and Coordination Team during the preparation of the Chapter. Later Commission Convenors, staff, and delegates will also be added to the group list. It will be used primarily to communicate with all those involved in Chapter preparatory sessions and the Chapter Assembly in Nemi.

Bring a Water Bottle

The venue provides drinking water and beverages but uses plastic cups. Bring your own drinking bottle to refill and reuse. And if you love coffee why not bring your own reusable coffee cup? We can help to lessen the plastic waste that finds its way into our oceans. Thanks!

Folders & Satchels

Another meeting another satchel to take away. We hope to provide each delegate with a bag or backpack that they can use daily for the Chapter while also making it useful for life at other times. This will give you something to carry around your forest, friendly folders and other Chapter material.