After today’s Communal Wisdom Prayer, Fr. Ho, delegate of Indonesia, greeted the Capitulants in Indonesian and Mandarin. He also congratulated Fr. Benedict Ko, Provincial of Korea, on his birthday, and Fr. Benecit congratulated Sr. Nicola, msc, on the anniversary of the death of Fr. Hubert Linckens, msc, founder of the MSC sisters.

It is the last day of the Chapter and Br. Joe and Frances invite everyone to make a personal reflection on what they have experienced during these weeks and how they can pass it on to their Provinces and Unions on their return. They are asked two questions to be shared around the tables:

What has nourished your soul?

What touched your heart during these days of the Chapter?

In general, there was a feeling of hope and encouragement for the future and the challenges ahead. The internationality, the energy of the younger MSCs, the fraternity experienced among all the Provinces, the idea of working together… were all valued.

Joe, based on the ideas launched by Marshall McLuhan, on ‘The medium is the message‘, and by Ghandi, on ‘Be the change you want to be‘, invited the Capitulants to think about their ideas when they arrived here and what they now carry with them when they leave here. In other words, what the experience has been during the Chapter and what they are able to pass on.

In the afternoon, gathered by territories, proposals were made on how to transmit what has been discussed and reflected on during these three weeks.

Today’s Eucharist was dedicated in a special way to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Stephen Hackett, Provincial of Australia, and concelebrated with Fr. Theo te Wierik, Provincial of Netherlands. At the end of the Mass, a floral offering was made to Our Lady by all the Capitulants.