Like in the Creation story, the seventh day (Sunday) was a day of rest. The formal chapter sessions continued on Monday with the Communal Wisdom Prayer led by Willy Méndez  (text from 2 Corinthians 3,1-10). After the group reflection, the whole assembly congratulated Willy on his birthday. Ho Tombokan was the host for the day. It was a day dedicated to the Blessed MSC Martyrs of Canet de Mar.

Throughout the day,  the capitulants worked on the Proposals of the Constitutions & Statutes Commission.

It was clarified that changes in the Constitutions proposed by a General Chapter would need a two-thirds majority and the approval of the Holy See. Changes in the Statutes, on the other hand, could be changed by a General Chapter without the need for approval of the Holy See. A vote was taken on each of the proposed changes.

The day concluded with a Mass dedicated to the Blessed Martyrs MSC of Canet de Mar, presided by Paco Blanco, provincial of Spain, together with Willy Mendez, delegate.