Alan Neville began the Morning Prayer with some texts from Fr. Jules Chevalier and our Constitutions.
“The undertaking may seem foolhardy, but we have signs of God’s blessing […]” (Jules Chevalier, 1866)
“We will do everything for everyone, respecting the different cultures and being ready to take on any apostolic services that people may need […]”. (MSC Const., n. 24) “Elderly or sick confreres who are unable to work continue to participate in the mission of their religious family”. (MSC Const., n. 25)

John Mulrooney was the day’s host. He reminded everyone that it was the feast of St. Pius of Pietrelcina, more known as Padre Pio

The day continued with the Commission Reports, namely:

  • JPIC Commission
  • Internationality & Mission
  • Commission Structures

On JPIC, it was discussed whether it could really become a priority for the congregation in the future and how networking could be created.

Regarding the Internationality & Mission Commission, the discussion focused on interculturality and what mission meant for some MSC in a province that was not their own.

After lunch there was a meeting with Tim Brenan for those capitulants who had questions from the previous day about the Safeguarding Commission. In the said meeting, they were able to present more concrete views on this issue and the MSC General Safeguarding Policy Document that was approved the previous day.

The afternoon was devoted entirely to dialogue on the structures of the congregation for the future. One of the most important topics was the Province of Italy.

The day concluded with a Mass presided over by John Chinnapan, delegate of Indian Union, together with Darwin Thatheus, union superior.