Fifth Pre-Chapter Online Session, July 11, 2023

The fifth online pre-Chapter session of the General Chapter began with an introduction by Fr. Chris Chaplin, msc. He explained how the session was to be.

First, there was a short 10-minute prayer in small groups. The delegates had to reflect on the question, ‘How God, are you leading me towards the Chapter?‘.

After the prayer, in groups, the delegates reflected on the document that had been handed out three weeks before, “The things that have been happening here these last few days”. This document is the report of the MSC General Administration for the last six years.

Fr. Chris explained that the discussion process is in the fourth step of the ROCH methodology: ‘Hopes, Dreams, Questions – for the Chapter to consider?’.

In these groups, the delegates were to choose the most significant matters that each delegate thinks should be discussed in the General Chapter. This was a time to listen.

Each group of delegates made a list to discuss in the whole group in the second session in July.

Finally, Fr. Chris told how the delegates will work on the document in the next session and said thanks to the people who had made the meeting possible.