The day’s work was different. In the morning, after the Communal Wisdom Prayer (Psalm 91) and the announcements of Simione Volavola, host of the day, the first session again went back to the matters for consideration raised in the first few days. There was a special intervention by Daniel Auguié, who wrote a letter to all the capitulants, written in the person of Fr. Jules Chevalier, in which he encouraged all the MSC to remain firm in the mission and shared with them the difficult situation that the house and the Sanctuary at Issoudun have been going through. Then the Superior General’s consultation for General Assistants continued. 

After the conclusion of this first session, the delegates of the different provinces and unions, as well as the representatives of the Laity of the Chevalier Family and the other guests of the General Chapter, had a day of rest. The reason was the holding of the General Conference in the second session of the morning and the whole afternoon, to which only the Provincial Superiors and the General Administration were summoned. 

As every day, at the end of the sessions, the closing mass took place, presided by Herman Van Dijck, substitute for the Provincial of Belgium, together with André Claessens, Assistant General.