Eighth Pre-Chapter Online Session, August 9, 2023

This was the last online session of preparation for the General Chapter. Fr. Chris Chaplin, msc, welcomed all delegates. Then Fr. Humberto Henriques, msc, presented the time of prayer as a way to journey together on the road to the General Chapter. The whole Chapter is a prayer: “Asking for the light of the Spirit, we open ourselves to the Spirit“. In this prayer, the question was: “What stays with me from yesterday, and through this how are you God speaking to us?”.

After the personal prayer, the delegates met in small groups for making a shared prayer.

Fr Chris led the reflection session on the Commission documents, which was like the previous meeting. The objective was to ask questions that will help understand the documents on:

  • Internationality & Mission
  • Houses of Formation & Common MSC Novitiates
  • JPIC

The delegates could ask questions to the panel responsible for each topic:

  • Fr Absalon Alvarado and Fr Chris Chaplin / Internationality & Mission
  • Fr Raul Ruiz and Fr Humberto Henriques / Houses of formation & Common MSC Novitiates
  • Fr Andre Claessens / JPIC

At the end of the online meeting, Fr Humberto informed the delegates he will send documents on Formation for reading before the General Chapter in September.  Chris made the same contribution for the safeguarding document. 

  • Emmaus: formation of the heart. MSC initial formation
  • MSC General Safeguarding Policy for Minors and Vulnerable Persons

In addition, Fr Chris thanked all who collaborated in the General Chapter online preparatory sessions: General Team, translators, and other collaborators. Also, Fr Absalon Alvarado, msc, thanked Fr Chris and Fr Humberto for their work preparing the pre-Chapter online sessions.

See you in Rome.