Seventh Pre-Chapter Online Session, August 8, 2023

The General Chapter will start in just 40 days. The Congregation puts God at the forefront of it.

The online meeting began with a time of silence as in the previous meetings. The participants prayed thinking on: How God, are you leading me toward the Chapter?

Before the reflection, Fr Chris Chaplin, msc, asked the delegates to remember Fr Edwin Borlasa, msc. He couldn’t attend this session because he was conducting his mother’s funeral.

Fr Chris explained this seventh meeting was about Constitutions and Statutes, a matter very important for the Congregation. During the Chapter, the delegates will make decisions but this was the moment to work with the document. It wasn’t time to proposals, it was time to understand very well every point.

This document asks us to reflect on, “Jesus has spoken to us, our hearts have burnt with us, and now we are called to respond.”

In the previous meetings the participants reflected on:
– “Jesus came up and walked with them”
– “The things that have been happening here in last few days”.

In this meeting the theme was:
– “Our hearts were burning”.

After the prayer, the delegates met in small groups to reflect on the Statutes and Constitutions of the Congregation. The important thing of this meeting is to have all the ideas clear in order to be able to discuss them at the General Chapter.

Fr Chris thanked all the members of the commission for their work.  He introduced those who would be on today’s panel: Fr Carl Tranter, msc, Fr Tim Brennan, msc, and Fr Ton Zwart, msc. They answered the most representative questions from each group. Fr Bernard Mongeau, msc, Fr James Espuerta, msc, Fr Joaquin Herrera, msc, Fr Ricardo Senduk, msc, Fr Christian Mongay, msc, Fr John Chinnapan, msc, proposed questions.

P. Humberto recalled some important points about the organization of the General Chapter and thanked everyone for their participation and collaboration in the meeting.